Current Issue
February, 2021

  • Vol. 65
  • Essay on Exploring the direction of ‘Self-Education’ and ‘Ego problem’

    Kim, Segon

    The purpose of this study is to explore the direction that self-educational should pursue. To this end, the reason for searching self education was presented ...

  • The Educational Leadership of Mother Teresa

    Koo, Bonman

    The purpose of this study is to examine the principles of the educational leadership of Mother Teresa, which has exerted influence around the ...

  • The Meaning of the Expression ‘Daejung’ in Won-Buddhist Mind Study

    Lim, Jeonok

    The purpose of this study was to examine the specific meanings of the term “daejung” found in the scriptures and historical documents of Won-Buddhism. For this ...

  • The practice life of sexual minorities in the Vinaya Piṭaka

    Cha, Hyorok(Ven. Hyorok)

    In South Korean society, sexual minorities live under discrimination and hatred against them, and being ostracized, they are not protected by institution ...

  • A Study on the Students' Perception of Online Writing Class in College

    Lee, Chaeyoung · Ahn, Miae

    This study examines the experience and satisfaction of lectures for new students at D University, who took the lecture through a non-face-to-face ...

  • Exploring the Meaning of the Operation of the Revised Nuri Curriculum by Buddhist Early Childhood Educational Institution

    Ha, Yeonsoo · Kim, Hyesoon · Oh, Anna

    This study attempted to explore the meaning of the revised Nuri curriculum for teachers of Buddhist early childhood education institutions. As a result of ...

  • A Plan to improve Buddhist Cultural Contents in the area of 21st century digital contents -Focusing on Missionary Strategies for Youth and Implication for Buddism Education-

    Jeong, Gyeongsik(Ven. Jeonghaeng)

    The youths’s excessive consumption of digital media is recognized as a problem. It’s not enough to say that they are addicted to games, sensational ...

  • A Buddhist Approach on GROW Coaching Model

    Lee, Youngrim(Ven. Beomwoo)

    Since COVID-19, the world has rapidly changed to New Normal world throughout society. As a practical way to reveal individual's potential ...