Current Issue
July, 2020

  • Vol. 63
  • The Study of the Environmental Design of Memorial Space and Implementing Project of Death Education

    Seo, Jeeseok · Ko, Jinho

    The study explores various functions of the memorial space which has been regarded traditional in the symbol of death place in many peoples ...

  • A Comparison Study of Vijñapti-mātra Buddhism and Bergson’s Unconsciousness: Centered on ‘the Directly Given’ and the Possibility of Experience

    Ahn, Hoyoung

    The discussion of homogeneity and heterogeneity aroused by the consciousness of experiencing matter is itself a history of philosophy ...

  • A study on the improvement of religious correction in correction facilities

    Chun, Junghwan

    Religion education as mean of education penalty as correction ideology has been widely used as the most effective means in the correction for criminals ...

  • The Linguistic Ambiguity and Love in De doctrina christiana Ⅰ-Ⅲ

    Shin, Kyungsoo

    Augustine emphasized communication through illuminatio Divina or logos Divina by discussing the limitations of human language in De magistro ...

  • Koinonia Educational Ministry as a Pertinent Corrective to Disintegration and Fragmentation Inherent in the Korean Church

    Lee, Kyoomin

    Korean society in 2020 is facing a new turning point with the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis. In the future, Korean society is expected to gradually spread its postmodern ...

  • An Essay on the Psychological Consideration of the Hwataekyu, which is the Biyupum of the Sutra of the Lotus. -Centered on the Gesong of the Biyupum-

    Jung, Youngmi

    Regarding the Hwataekyu of the Biyupum of the Sutra of the Lotus, centered on the Gesong, this manuscript intends to consider its meaning through the psychoanalysis ...

  • Religion as a possibility of universal education -focusing on Comenius concepts of Pampaedia and Pansophia-

    Jung, Yongsu

    This paper starts from the premise that universal education, which is the value aimed at education in modern society, that is, universal education ...

  • A Qualitative Research on the exclusion experience of Korean Christian Women Pastor

    Park, Hyangsook

    The purpose of this research is to reveal an exclusion experience of Korean women pastor. A research question is “What is an exclusion experience in the Christian ...

  • Current Status and Tasks of Religious Liberal Arts Education: Focusing on the Case of Dongguk University curriculum

    Kim, Eunyoung

    College liberal art is a basic higher education and has an important influence on life after graduation. However, the liberal arts education of Korean colleges has lost ...

  • A Study on the Curriculum of Religion in Liberal Arts Education

    Yu, Sunguk

    As a result of changes in production methods, so called ‘the 4th Industrial Revolution’, the social worries of the future society's opacity and demands on the development ...