The Study of the Environmental Design of Memorial Space and Implementing Project of Death Education

Jeeseok Seo1,*   Jinho Ko1,*   

1Institute of Educational Environment in Dongguk University Dongguk University


The study explores various functions of the memorial space which has been regarded traditional in the symbol of death place in many peoples. And so, the functions of memorial space(memorial park another naming in Korea) in terms of parting and mourning, memorial and memory, rumination and reflection has been analysed and explained and aimed at the proposal of the related implementing project of death education. In this study, the memorial space was regarded as meaning place where trigger experiences occur only in special places or situations. For the environmental design of memorial spaces, the study divided the environment of memorial space into physical and psychological dimensions and presented environmental design methodologies accordingly. Based on these discussions, this study explored the possibility of transforming the memorial space into a suitable environment for implementing projects of death education. The environmental design methodological principles presented in this study based on two principles: the cycle principle of experience and the opportunity principle of experience. And these principles were intended to be reflected in three educational projects centered on experience oriented program, expression oriented program, understanding oriented program. The death education projects in this study were devised based on the principle of experience that happen to occurs in the memorial space. Through these discussions, the study seeks to explore new possibilities beyond the meaning of memorial space which has traditionally been regarded as a place of death. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to explore the restructure of a memorial space which has the potential to be used as a new meaningful space for carrying out educational projects that learning experience which happen to occurs to grow up person in death education.

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[그림 1] 이별 애도· 기억 추념· 반추와 성찰의 관계