A Qualitative Research on the exclusion experience of Korean Christian Women Pastor

Hyangsook Park1,*   

1Seoul Theological University


The purpose of this research is to reveal an exclusion experience of Korean women pastor. A research question is “What is an exclusion experience in the Christian organization as women pastors?”To explore this research question, I select the qualitative research of three women pastors. The results of research are three experience like these. First, exclusion of leadership: many task, no position. Second, exclusion of financial benefit: small money, huge devotion. Three, exclusion of human right: for survival, give up existential self. Christian educational discussion is like these. First is the Christian education of interpretation about self experience through the self-aware voice. Second is the curriculum design for pre, junior, senior women pastors. Three is the Christian gender equality education of multilayered and non-hierarchical perspective for all over the women.

Figures & Tables