The Argument about Silla tea of Jiuhuashan(九華山) Kim Jijang(金地藏)

Sungjae Jang1,*   

1Dongguk Univ.(Gyeongju)


As for whether the tea that Kim Jijang took to the Jiuhuashan was Shilla tea(新羅茶), we looked at old Chinese literature respectively. The results are as follow. In old Chinese literature, there were two opinions that the tea what Kim Jijang took to the Jiuhuashan was the tea from Western China(西域) or Silla. As a result of the investigation, not only the origin of the rice(‘黃粒稻’) seed, but also the origin of the pine nut(‘五釵松’) seed was “Shilla,” not “Western China”. Therefore, it is highly likely that the origin of the Green tea(‘金地茶’) seed is also Shilla. Therefore, it is possible that Kim Jijang obtained tea seeds from Shilla and took them.

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