Re-establishing Concept and Roles of Observing self : Focusing on the Comparison between Assagioli and Ken Wilber

Youngju Hur1,*   

1Namseoul University


This study redefines the concept and roles of observing self, by exploring about consciousness development process and observing self of Assagioli and Ken Wilber in depth. And this study drew implications for educational activities helping observing self to faithfully perform its original functions. First, this study redefines the observing self is the self as the subject identified with the subconscious level, the self as an objective observer separated from the subconscious level, the self that is re-identified with the higher consciousness level implicating the lower level and self is that drives the transcendence through this process. Second, this study redefines the main roles of observing self is to contribute to self-transcendence while driving dynamic processes of identification, dis-identification, and re-identification, and to have faith and will necessary to sustain this arduous transcendental process. Third, this study suggested that educators should provide training program in detecting emotions, preconceptions, to help learners believe in the possibility of self-transcendence. And this study suggested that need form a spiritual organization capable of true dialogue, to help learners have an active will. Also, this study recommended that a reflective autobiography or diary writing, internal training to enable the observation of oneself and the outside world, meditation be planned as sequential education activities, in order to help learner’s successful identification. And this study proposed that educators provide insight meditation and proper distance keeping training using semi-automatic activities, in order to help learner’s successful dis-identification.

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