Religion and Education after the Corona Pandemic - From the Perspective of Korean Integral Studies for Faith(信學) and Humanity(仁學)

Unsunn Lee1,*   

1Sejong University


This paper explores a path forward for Korean society and human civilization after the today’s Corona Pandemic. Especially focusing on religion and education, it reflects on what kind of New Normal life and way are available since then. In this view, this paper recognizes that principal religious thinking, which has played leading role until the current pandemic reality can be regarded as Western Judea-Christianity, specially since the modern era of humankind. So this reality asks to consider another different human religious legacies, and to me, East Asian immanent religious spiritualities appear to have many alternative reliable points in overcoming today’s Pandemic situation. In particular, Korean Neo-Confucian thinker of the 16th century, the master Toegye(퇴계 이황, 1501-1570) likes to give abundantly important messages which can help to explore other directions of human religion and education after the Pandemic. So we examine Toegye’s ‘10 Diagrams on Sage Learning(聖學十圖)’ by communicating with German postmodernist philosopher Peter Slotterdike's ‘Anthropotechnik(人間工學)’. In all doing, this paper considers that the reality we are facing now is no longer a matter of which name we give to any extrinsic transcendental God, but that it is fundamentally a question of human epistemology if there might have remained any possibility to believe in any transcendental dimension of life, or in what kinds of higher meaning left beyond our now and here’s life. We call the study on this question as ‘Korean Intergral Studies for Faith(한국 信學)’ as well as ‘for Humanity(한국 仁學)’. This quest will show that religion, education, politics, and culture etc. which have been commonly explored separately, will be revealed as one body of the question of "Korean Integral Studies for Faith" in finding out a possible "transcendental vaccine" on behalf of our post-corona era.

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