Death education on youth suicide problem - focusing on Bollnow's existentialistic consideration -

Youhee Choi1,*   

1Dongguk University


The purpose of this study is to recognize the seriousness of the suicide problem among adolescents in Korea, and to effectively develop a method of death education to be implemented for adolescents based on the existential philosophy of Otto Friedrich Bollnow (1903-1991). It is meaningful to form the right view of death for teenagers and to help them find the value of life and the meaning of life. This is related to the question of how teenagers understand life and death, and it is also a part that raises the need for death education for teenagers. In pedagogy, the birth and development process of human beings has been the subject of attention, but death has not been the subject of attention. Otto Friedrich Bollnow sought a new look at educational phenomena by combining the philosophy of life with the existential philosophy. The problem of death that appeared in Bollnow’s existential philosophy that there is always a crisis in life, but a crisis eventually brings a new beginning. This study aims to provide a philosophical foundation to prevent suicide of teenagers through Bollnow’s consideration of the problems of philosophy of life, existential philosophy, and death education.

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