A Meditation for Early Childhood in Won Buddhism: Focusing on the Meditative Application of Spiritual Cultivation

Seonghun Jo1,*   

1Wonkwang University


This study explores the principles of meditation suitable for early childhood from the perspective of Won Buddhism’s Spiritual Cultivation. The study begins by examining the overall relationship between Won-Buddhist thoughts and meditation. As a result, the relationship with Won-Buddhism is examined through the lenses of mainstream meditation techniques such as concentration, insight, and lovingkindness. The relationship between concentration meditation and Spiritual Cultivation in Won-Buddhism is next investigated, with a focus on concentration meditation. Chanting meditation, or yeombul, is a way of spiritual training that can be used as early childhood meditation because it is simple to practice. However, methodologically, there may be restrictions on the application of the existing chanting meditation. Chanting can be utilized as a universal practice for young children, and the qualities of chanting meditation have been characterized as “sound-focused meditation.” This was described as a meditation technique that focused on the sound of the bell. This principle might be described as a deliberate revision of Won Buddhism’s advised practice to make it suitable for early childhood.

Figures & Tables

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