A Study on the Activity Types in Church's Shift into Local Ministry and Local Community Education

Seonghwi Ko1,*   

1Presbyterian University and Theological Seminary


This study aims to investigate how local education activities were delivered to restore the Church's public responsibility on the basis of several churches in charge of education in local communities, as well as the Church's shift into local ministry in terms of types, expanding the values for the Church to pursue, ministers' attitude, and Church’s direction through remarkable activity types, which depend on the situational context.

In-depth interviews were performed with seven ministers in a total of six churches while four types of local ministry were analyzed. In terms of Churches' roles, local ministry types were divided into the spread from a church community to a local community, joint education with a local education community, educational support for a local community, and joint education based on the role of priming water. Educational activity types in local communities were divided into democratic civic education and education on care based on a local community pursuing goals for educational activities. Common issues to consider and pursue include living together with local residents on the basis of devotion as common values and direction drawn from the type analysis, mutual respect and communication within a local community, issue of intimacy based on equality of relationship, and Church's public responsibility and spirituality within local community activities. This type of analysis demonstrates that the activity of devoted communities of faith to live a life together with a local community and its participation in the constant Missio Dei are products of God's grace.

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