A Study on Maker Education for Children’s Dharma Teachers in Temple: Based on TMSI Model using 3D Printer

Kwanghyun(Ven. Cheong La) Han1,*   Namin Shin2,*   

1Dongguk University
2Dongguk University


This paper introduced a case study conducted for training dharma teachers who are in charge of dharma children’s meetings in temple. The case study was organized on the basis of the TMSI model of Maker Education, using 3D printer, and conducted for 3 weeks comprising of six sessions. 3 dharma teachers volunteered and took part in the study. Data were collected by the methods of observation, in-depth interview and reflection notes on the part of the research participants. The analysis of the data revealed the following themes: self-confidence and widened perspectives, linking their own experiences with educating children participating in dharma children’s meetings, experiencing challenge, interest and flow, and self-reflections, and finally collaboration and sharing. On the basis of the results, we made suggestions with regard to practical knowledge and implications of adapting digital technology into the teaching and learning happening in dharma children’s meetings, which, hopefully, is expected to grow future Buddhist in this society.

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